The Truth Shall Set you Free.

John 8:32.The Truth Shall Set you Free. As you learn more about Jesus, talk to him. You will be building a relationship with him. Over time you will become free from fear, anxiety, stress, shame, guilt and sin.

Many times in church they talk about having a relationship with God and Jesus. It can be difficult to understand what this means. Talk to God the way that you would talk to a family member or friend. Over time, you may find that this is very comfortable for you.

Ask him for help getting through your day, and ask him to help you see success with you goals. Ask him for a sign, if you are unsure.

I hope that you become free from fear and worrying, and that you build a strong relationship with God and Jesus. I am working on my relationship with them all of the time, as well. It has helped me, and I hope that it helps you.