I paint old cat food cans and plastic containers. There is something exciting about destroying a recyclable with all colors and free paintbrush swashes.

Below are some projects I did during the pandemic. Painting recyclables (cat food cans) and creating art with sculpey clay.

Painted clay molds. I used sculpey clay in celestial sun molds to create the faces.
I used a rolling pin on a blob of clay to create a flat piece, and then cut rays randomly by slicing.
Attach the rays to the sun and bake according to directions. After baking, let it cool, then decorate with acrylic paints, glitter, and dried flowers. Have fun!

Painted Cat Food Cans, using Acrylic paints.
Be careful, there may be sharp edges from the can opener.
Paint in stages, first throw a blob down for the face and ears After that dries, follow up with a finer paintbrush or sharpie marker, to add the eyes whiskers, and eyebrows.
Have fun!