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5 Beautiful Uses for Polymer Clay Celestials!

celestials used on valentines day pottery

I’m pretty obsessed with all things Celestial. I attempted to create the perfect Celestial during the pandemic. I ordered polymer clay and silicone push molds online. I worked hard to discover the best way to paint the faces. I learned that they make great enhancement to my indoor and outdoor plants, fairy houses, fairy house accessories, enhance a handmade gift or gift wrapping , garden stakes, container herb gardens, and stop motion animations. Here are a few that I have made over the years.

Celestial in Acrylic Paint
celestial painted on canvas with acrylics

Home Decor/ Painting

I painted this yellow and orange sun with Acrylic Paint on canvas. It was my first painting in many years. It was fun to add a realistic human face to celestial, usually people do them with a cartoon style face.

celestial face made from sculpey push mold, glued to drftwood to make a decorative plant stake.

Celestial with driftwood, used as Garden Stake or Plant Decor.