I love God!

Dear God, I know that you are there, and I love you! Thank you for bringing me into this earth. Thank you for the many things that you have done for me, my family and friends. I appreciate all that you have given me. Thank you for beaches, mountains, the beautiful sunny days, the nourishing […]

More than a conqueror!

Dear God I am more than a conqueror when you are on my side. To be more than a conqueror means that before you ever get a problem, you already know that whatever problem comes your way, you can overcome it through Christ. You live with confidence that God loves you no matter what and […]

Prayer for Refugee Children

Dear God, I know that there are many countries that don’t know what to do with refugees. Refugees are people that were living in a really dangerous situation, and they were forced to leave their home and find a new place to live. Sometimes they traveled on foot through desert or forest. Sometimes they traveled […]

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